The best that man can get

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Father Finney is for the middle aged human who wants to change direction. They have a goal, a secret desire or hobby they never do. Maybe they feel it’s over, but is it?

Join me for my guests of inspiration, their stories and comedy from the World of middle-aged humans on our journey to be The best that man can get.

About Father Finney - Me!

Hello and welcome No I’m not a Father but I am a father. I am a father of ideas and curiosity. A father who wants to see the best in all and come from all, to help all those around that are willing. I am the father of this website and the father of ‘The best that man can get‘.

I am a father to debt and past failures. I am a father to hope and futures bright and a father to a present of fun, laughter and living. I am not a Godfather either mafia wise or religiously binding in the care of others children. But I may just be the Godfather of my destiny and I have requested the execution of my past.

Father Finney's Sermons - ok Podcasts!

Time to listen to some of my wonderful guests on my podcasts so sit back and grab a coffee! You can also visit my Podcast page here < CLICK ME 🙂 > for a full perusal of all of the latest Father Finney’s awesome guests!

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Fancy being a guest on the show?

If you fancy being a guest on the show just use the form and message me you details and I look forward to chatting with you very soon!